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International Certification

Kuen Feng Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. acts as a professional manufacturer. Hence, in order to bring more contribution to our customers, society and environment, we continuously pay attention on promoting the international standards of ISO management system and keeping upgrade our office routine and production processes.


The quality inspection system integrates quality controllers, molding engineers and front-line operators. We strictly control the quality levels from R&D of the product, purchasing, production process to finished product, stage by stage. In addition, the inspection system implements the principle of PDCA management in all circumstances to guarantee a higher level of performance. Furthermore, we not only regularly hold the quality meeting to re-check on process product, but also examine the production of our cooperative factories, which follow up the SOP of the product and comply with RoHS standards for production process.

  • Plan

    Establishing goals and processes to meet customers' requirements and organizational policies.

  • Do

    Implementing and executing the planning process.

  • Check

    Strict supervision, measurement and product controlling to meet process and quality system.

  • Action

    Aking measures to solve the problem.

  • By qualifying the ISO 9001 international certification, we upgrade the standardized management of quality system and promoting the spirit of continuous improvement on everyone, which toward the way of quality control into routine process.
  • ISO 9001
    ISO 14001